Section 2.4 of the User's Guide for CPO2D and CPO3D

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Planes of symmetry


See also the general note on symmetries and reflections.


The following planes of reflection symmetry can be utilised:


CPO2D, axial symmetry: z=0,

CPO2D, planar symmetry: x=0, z=0,

CPO3D:   yz (that is, x=0), zx (that is, y=0), xy (that is, z=0), x=y.


For each of these planes the geometry is symmetric, but the potentials can be symmetric or antisymmetric. The user should take advantage of these planes of symmetry, when they exist, because for each one the total number of segments is reduced by a half, making the calculations faster.

(For information on antisymmetry in the x=y plane, see .general note on symmetries and reflections)


For definitions of the terms azimuthal etc., see note on azimuthal.