System and memory requirements and maximum number of segments etc for the 64-bit programs.


System and memory requirements


The software will run on any intel or intel-compatible processor running Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.


The CPO software for the full versions requires at least 4Gb of RAM and a reasonable amount of free disc space. We recommend 8Gb of RAM, on a 64 bit Windows system and Windows 10 or later. At present the programs do not support multi-threading but will run on a multi core system.


If the full versions crash with a message about the memory stack, try increasing the maximum size of the virtual memory, as follows:

Start->Control Panel->(Performance)->System->Advanced->Performance settings

->Advanced->Virtual Memory


Maximum number of segments for 64-bit programs


The 64-bit version of the CPO3DS program allows more segments.  The maximum number of segments, maxseg, will depend on the operating system and has not yet been established.  A formal limit to maxseg has therefore not yet been set.

Other maximum numbers have been set as follows:

Maximum number of trajectories (rays) = 2K, 

maximum number of mesh points = 2M, 

maximum number of  trajectory steps = 1M

maximum number of space-charges (that is, the number of either cells or tubes) = 1M.

These values have been chosen to optimize the memory space for most applications.

It is possible for them to be changed for particular users, for a small fee.

Other less significant maximum numbers, including the maximum number of focus points that can be read (250), the maximum number of potentials or fields along a line (250), the maximum number of space charge repeat items (1000), can also be changed on request.



All programs: 

The actual numbers of segments etc. are of course increased by a factor of 2 for each reflection in a plane of symmetry.