First program for generating a 2D hyperbolic surface.


The program is called ‘prog11.f90’ and is supplied with the CPO package, together with a compiled version that is activated by the command ‘prog11’. Remember to firstly put the input information (as explained below) into the file ‘tempin.dat’ in the same directory. The output data will be put into the file ‘tempout.dat’.

The program deals with a surface that has planar symmetry (and so ‘planar’ symmetry must be specified in the databuilder), for use with CPO2D.

The equation of the surface is

x*z = a**2, for x,z > 0

and the electrode extends to infinity in the y direction.


See also program 12: which deals with a different orientation of the axes of the hyperbola.


See also program 13: which deals generating a 3D hyperbolic surface.


The input data in file tempin.dat have the format:

24. = a

60. 100. = maximum x (vertical), z (horizontal)

5. = approximate length of each segment

1 1 = voltage number, number of subdivisions of each segment

This program has now been superseeded by the powerful option for users to use their own equations to define electrode shapes.