Program for generating Poisson distribution for secondary electron multiplication factor


This program generates a statistical Poisson distribution for secondary electrons with the energy distribution given by Y. S. Choi and J. M. Kim, Monte Carlo simulations for tilted-channel electron multipliers, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol 47, No, 6, June 2000, 1293-1296. See also A. V. Raspereza et al, Submicrochannel plate multipliers, Applied Surface Science 111 (1997) 295-301


The controlling data must be put into tempin.dat, in the form:

1.0 cosine of angle to perpendicular

250. energy, eV

0.5 material constant

250. energy (in eV) for maximum multiplication factor

4.0 maximum mean secondary electron yield, at emax and angle = 0

100 number of tests

1001 seed for random number generator (>1000)


The compiled version is included in the CPO package and has the name prog29.exe. To run the program simply click on \cpo\prog29 or type 'prog29' as a command line. The results are put into tempout.dat.


The formula for the simple poisson distribution is:

prob(n) = m^n*exp(-m)/factorial(n)

where prob(n) is the probability of n secondaries for one primary and m is the mean number of secondaries per primary.



See also note on secondaries.