Option to re-plot previously calculated rays


An option for re-plotting rays that were previously calculated. It is accessed on /data builder/sources of rays.

Previously calculated space-charges can also be regained -see bottom of the /advanced options/ sheet.


The option is easily activated in the data-builder.


The re-plotting is not instantaneous -the program needs to plot the electrodes and it also needs to repeat all the interpolations and find where the test planes are crossed etc. But the ray steps are not recalculated -they are read from the binary part of the processed data file, where they are put automatically whenever rays are traced. The re-plotting process is faster if the graphics box is minimised (or is hidden behind the edit or information boxes).



For users who are editing or constructing an 'input data file' without the use of the data-builder -that is, pre-processor:

But Manual editing is certainly not recommended -it is a relic from the time when the databuilder was not available All users are strongly encouraged to use the databuilder, which always gives the correct formats and which has many options for which the formats are not described or easily deduced.



On the line that starts with 'y' (for 'yes, ray tracing') or 'n' (for 'no ray tracing') put 'p' (for 'previous ray information').



On the line that starts with 'start of ray information' or 'no ray information' put 'previous ray information'.