Shap3d08.dat, 8th 'shape' file for CPO3D

A clipped (truncated) hemispherical deflection analyzer


A practical hemispherical deflection analyzer, with unnecessary parts removed by 'clipping' (that is, truncating or cropping). This is very similar to the geometry shown in xmpl3d01, only the choice of clipping being different. The clipping planes that are specified for the inner sphere are:

'maximum' 0*x + 0*y + 1*z = 0.6 -that is, z = 0.6,

'minimum' 0*x + 0*y + 1*z = -0.6 -that is, z = -0.6,

so the combines effect is to remove all segments that have mid-points with z < 0.6 or z > 0.6. The outer sphere and hoops are clipped similarly.


The analyzer can be seen effectively by choosing the '3D display' option at the interactive stage, and then rotating by 20 degrees about the x axis and by 20 degrees about the y axis.