Shap3d30.dat, 30th 'shape' file for CPO3D

To illustrate the option for decreasing the aspect ratios of segments.


The option to decrease the aspect ratios of the segments has been activated, with a weighting factor w = 3.

In this option CPO3D uses the factor f = a_r^w for each segment, where a_r is the aspect ratio of the segment.

For rectangles a_r is the ratio of the longest to the shortest side, while for triangles it is the ratio of the base to height, where the base is the longest side.

The factors f are used to decide how many subdivisions should be used for each segment in the process of iterative subdivision (adaptive segmentation) .


In the present example there are some thin triangles which would usually not be subdivided -this can be checked by switching off the present option, either by un-checking it or by setting the weighting factor to 0. But with the option activated, as in the present example, these thin triangles are subdivided.


Note that when the option is activated it works in parallel with the option to subdivide according to the segment charges, which has a separate weighting factor. To obtain the desired result the user should experiment with the three relevant parameters -the two weighting factors and the final number of segments.