Shap3d41.dat, 41st 'shape' file for CPO3D

A helical coil, by users equation.


For information on the option for users equations, see users equations.


A torus is effectively stretched in the x direction.

Based on shap3d34, a torus, with the following changes:

(1) There are no symmetry planes.

(2) The torus is complete, with theta going from 0 to 2*pi, and phi going from 0 to 4*pi (doubling the torus).

(2) A term '+a*phi' is added to the equation for x, where a = 0.15915 = 1/(2*pi), so this term goes from 0 to 2.

(3) The inner radius is smaller.


The equations, as they appear in the data file, are:

theta 0 6.283185 name of variable number 1 and its limits

phi 0 12.566371 name of variable number 2 and its limits

R 1 name of parameter number 1 and its fixed value

r 0.1 name of parameter number 2 and its fixed value

a 0.15915 name of parameter number 3 and its fixed value

0 name of parameter number 4 and its fixed value




1 1 numbers of 2 applied voltages (can be same)

6 48 numbers of subdivisions of variables 1 and 2

(The program has corrected the less accurate value that was entered for pi/2.)