Shap3d49.dat, 49th 'shape' file for CPO3D

5 holes in a circular disc, by users equation.


For information on the option for users equations, see users equations.


Please see shap3d50 for a more detailed explanation of the users equations.

See shap3d51 for 5 holes in a rectangular plate.


Here the radius of the inner hole is r1 = 2, the radii of the 4 surrounding holes is r2 = 1 and the outer radius is R = 6.

The disc lies in the plane z = 0.


2 symmetry planes are used here. If this number of symmetry planes is not allowed in the simulation then the present 6 electrodes would have to repeated with the appropriate modifications to the equations.

If on the other hand the x=y symmetry plane is allowed then the last 3 electrodes can be deleted.