Xmpl2d60, 60th 'example' data file for CPO2D

Source of positive ions of fixed energy.


The geometry is simple because this is meant only to illustrate this type of source.

The cathode is circular and emits A+ ions of energy 1000eV, normal to the surface. A primitive electrode is added to control the focussing.

When 'fixed energy' is selected in the databuilder the energy in the data file is entered as negative.

When the 'non-random' angular distribution is selected in the databuilder the rays are emitted normal to the surface.

Space-charge iterations would usually be used of course.

Automatic focusing could also be used to adjust the potential of the focussing electrode.

Here the rays are evenly spaced at the cathode, but usually the advanced option would used for the first electrode to set the value of 'p' to 0.5, so that all the rays carry the same current.