CPO3D 67th example: enhancement factor for linear array of nanotubes, all of form 'hemisphere on post'.

The 'posts' have a height h = 0.5 micron (ie 0.0005mm) and a radius a = 1nm, as in xmpl3d62 and xmpl3d64.dat.

They are spaced by s = 80nm, to create a field an anode is placed at an arbitrary 9 micron away, with the appropriate potential to give a 'far field' of 1V/mm.

To simulate the ifinite array of neighbouring posts a 'boundary line' is added in the form of a thin cylinder at same height as tops of posts.

The potential of the boundary line is established iteratively to be the average potential of the line along the tops of the posts.

The field enhancement factor depends only on h/a and s/a.

The ray output file contains the field at 10 points at distances of 0.1 to 1.0 nm from the surfaces of the caps of the nanotubes.

Please see the footnotes to the data file for a considerable amount of further information.

Please also see papers 55 and 59 in the publications list.