xmpl3d87, 87th 'example' data file for CPO3D

Dielectric simulation of a magnetic yoke


The toroidal yoke has 2 gaps. A potential difference 2V is applied across one gap.

The dielectric constant is high, K = 1000 and so the fields inside the dielectric should be small and the potential difference 2V should appear across the second gap.

The program gives 1.09V.


Of course, K is never as high as this, but this file was intended as a stepping-stone to a magnetic version of CPO3D.


Much effort has been spent on trying to improve this, so far unsuccessfully.


It has been found that it is important to avoid sharp edges or corners. Therefore in the present simulation the edges at the second gap are rounded.


The program torus.exe has been used to generate the torus, using the data in the first part of xmpl87.dat. It has also been used to generate the rounded edges, using the second set of data in xmpl87.dat.