xmpl3d94, 94th 'example' data file for CPO3DS

Secondary rays at a dielectric interface.


Derived from xmpl3d46, with addition of a thin dielectric layer.

The dielectric layer extends from z = 0.99 to 1.0 and has a dielectric constant 5.


100 rays hit the dielectric interface and produce secondaries. The energies, directions and currents of the secondaries are measured when they reach a test plane.


3 options are triggered in this example:

A Maxwellian distribution of the energies of the secondaries (with kT = 2eV).

A Lambertian (cosine) distribution of directions.

A Poisson distribution of the currents (with a mean multiplication of 2).


Details of these options are given in Help.


(Occasionally, rays are 'stopped because condition for secondaries is not satisfied', which indicates that these rays have collided with a second electrode.)