Frank Read (through CPO Ltd) is happy to offer a consultancy service, based on 40 years of experience. He has published two books and over 60 refereed papers on charged particle optics and instrumentation. At least 3 of these publications have been cited some hundreds of times and two recent publications are on the way to achieving the same distinction. We have also given over 25 invited talks on these subjects at national and international conferences and have acted as consultants to a wide range of companies around the world.


The service is of three types:

(1) Free, limited consultancy for new users of our programs, to help them in setting up their first simulation. We encourage all new users to take advantage of this.

(2) Consultancy for new or existing users, to help them in setting up difficult simulations.

(3) General consultancy on charged particle optics and instrumentation.


Please see the document ‘support.doc’ that is supplied with the CPO package.


Further details:

Prof F H Read, has considerable expertise in designing systems in charged particle optics.

He has acted as a consultant in instrumentation and charged particle optics for many companies, including:

Kratos Analytical Ltd, Manchester, UK

Ferranti Ltd, Manchester, UK

Shimadzu Research Laboratories (Europe) Ltd, Manchester

VG Scientific Ltd, East Grinstead, UK

Corning, Inc, New York, USA

Photek Ltd, St. Leonards-on-Sea, UK

Lucent Technologies Inc, Atlanta, USA

IMS, Vienna, Austria

Micromass UK Ltd, Manchester, UK

Photonis, Brive, France

Annulex Inc, Delaware, USA

Daresbury Laboratory, Cheshire, UK

KLA-Tencor Corp, San Jose, USA

Incoatec GmbH, Geesthacht, Germany


The consultancy work has included:

Original inventive design work

Optimization of existing systems

Lectures on various aspects of charged particle optics and instrumentation

Tutorials on the use of the CPO programs.


He has also published a book and 70 refereed papers on instrumentation and charged particle optics. The book has been highly cited and several of the papers have been cited more than 50 times -one paper has been cited more than 500 times!


The book is

Electrostatic lenses, by E Harting and F H Read, Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam (1976).


The papers include:

The invention of 'zoom' lenses:

Electron optical systems with fixed image positions for beams of variable energy, by  J D Cross, F H Read and E A Riddle, J.Sci.Inst. 44,  993-6 (1967).

A three-aperture electron optical lens for producing an image of variable energy but fixed positions, by R E Imhof and F H Read, J.Phys.E (Sci.Instrum.) 1, 859-60 (1968).

The first application of the Boundary Element Method in electron optics:

Electrostatic cylinder lenses I: Two element lenses, by F H Read, A Adams and J R Soto-Montiel, J.Phys.E (Sci.Instrum.) 4, 625-32  (1971).

The first high-resolution electron spectrometer:

The realisation of high energy-resolution using the hemispherical electrostatic energy selector in electron impact spectrometry, by J N H Brunt F H Read and G C King, J.Phys.E (Sci.Instrum.) 10, 134-9 (1977).

The first application of the Boundary Element Method (which we then called the charge-density method) to space-charge systems:

The charge-density method of solving electrostatic problems with and without the inclusion of space-charge, by A Renau, F H Read and J N H Brunt, J.Phys.E (Sci.Instrum.) 15, 347-54 (1982).

The invention of the widely used 'paralleliser':

Magnetic field paralleliser for 2* electron spectrometer and electron image magnifier, by P Kruit and F H Read, J.Phys.E (Sci.Instrum.) 16, 313-24 (1983).

The invention and use of the 'backward scattering' technique:

The production and optical properties of an unscreened but localised magnetic field, by F H Read and J M Channing, Rev. Sci. Instr. 67, 2372-2377 (1996).

Measurements of elastic electron scattering in the backward hemisphere, by M Zubek, N Gulley, G C King and F H Read, J. Phys. B, 29, L239-244 (1996).

The invention of the parallel cylindrical mirror analyzer:

The parallel cylindrical mirror electron energy analyzer, by F H Read, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73 1129-1139 (2002).

Current work on stochastic electron-electron coulomb interactions:

Accurate Monte-Carlo calculation of Boersch energy and angle spreading, by F.H. Read and N.J.Bowring, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 74 2280-2287 (2003).

Monte-Carlo Calculation Of Boersch Energy Spreading, by F.H. Read and N.J.Bowring, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A519, 196-204 (2004).

The contributions of stochastic coulomb interactions and collective space-charge field aberrations to spatial spreading in charged particle projection systems, by F H Read and N J Bowring, Microelectronic Engineering 73-74, 97-105 (2004).


Prof. Frank Read has also given 29 invited lectures at international conferences on charged particle optics and related subjects.  In other areas of work, pricipally atomic and molecular physics, he has published 1 book and 163 papers and several of these papers have been cited more than 100 times.

His h-index is 43 (in 2010) -that is, 43 papers have been cited at least 43 times.