Free and evaluation versions of CPO2D and CPO3D


Copies of both the free and more capable evaluation versions of CPO2D and CPO3D can be downloaded from the web site

The free versions are ideal for students and for exploring the functionality before purchasing the more capable 64 bit version.

The free version is built from the same code as the 64 bit version and is freely installable without a licence key or internet connection.

The free version does not include the following advanced options. If you require these features then you can download a 15 day evaluation of the 64 bit version before deciding if you'd like to purchase the full 64 bit edition of the CPO software.

    • Scattering
    • Stochastic
    • User cathode
    • Dielectric
    • Field import

The free versions are not supported, in the sense that CPO Ltd will not respond to queries, except occasionally in return for useful suggestions about improvements.


The maximum numbers of segments are limited to 1500 segments in CPO2D and 3000 segments in CPO3D, and in the full versions to 5000 and 12000 segments respectively.


The complimentary free versions will run most of the benchmark test and example files and can be used to obtain accurate answers for a wide variety of practical simulations. They have been used for many years for teaching purposes at the University of Manchester and are very popular with the students.


Other limitations in the free versions, but not in the evaluation versions, are that the maximum number of different electrodes is 10, user-supplied time-dependent voltages are not allowed, and in CPO3D only two magnetic field component are allowed and user-supplied magnetic fields are not allowed.


Please cite the programs in publications obtained with the help of the demo or evaluation versions.


For prices and other information on the full versions of the programs please check or email:  [email protected].