List of test, example and shape files that deal with lenses

test2d21 Field at centre of a double cylinder lens

test2d26 Axial potentials of 2-tube lens

xmpl2d01 A 2-tube lens

xmpl2d02 A double aperture lens

xmpl2d03 A double rectangular tube lens

xmpl2d04 A double rectangular tube lens

xmpl2d05 A 'beam' of rays focussed by a double-cylinder lens.

xmpl2d06 An example of iterative subdivision, for a double-cylinder lens.

xmpl2d07 Automatic iteration to focus a beam by a three-cylinder lens.

xmpl2d08 Lens coefficients of double-cylinder lens.

xmpl2d13 A relativistic double-cylinder lens.

xmpl2d14 A double-cylinder lens with a linear voltage bridge across the gap.

xmpl2d31 Conical lens with apertures transverse to axis of lens.

xmpl2d32 Conical lens with apertures transverse to axis of cones.

xmpl2d36 Triple cylinder einzel lens.

xmpl2d56 Aperture lens with curved surfaces.

xmpl2d57 Einzel tube lens with curved surfaces.

xmpl2d58 Calbick lens.

xmpl3d06 Automatic iteration to optimise the focus of a 4-cylinder lens.

xmpl3d14 Miniature lens for microelectronic switching.

xmpl3d32 Double-cylinder lens, parameters and coefficients.

xmpl3d47 Simple magnetic lens.