List of test, example and shape files that deal with analyzers

test2d01 Idealised hemispherical deflection analyzer (HDA)

test2d02 Idealised cylindrical deflection analyzer

test2d09 Coefficients of hemispherical deflection analyser (HDA)

test2d16 Ideal cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA)

test2d17 Ideal parallel plate analyzer

test3d01 Idealised hemispherical deflection analyzer (HDA)

test3d02 Idealised cylindrical deflection analyzer

test3d09 Coefficients of hemispherical deflection analyser (HDA)

test3d14 Ideal cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA)

xmpl2d16 Multiple focussing of a Hemispherical Deflection Analyzer.

xmpl2d18 Practical cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA).

xmpl2d33 PCMA (Parallel CMA) analyzer, axis-to-cylinder mode.

xmpl2d34 PCMA (Parallel CMA) analyzer, axis-to-axis mode.

xmpl2d35 PCMA (Parallel CMA) analyzer, axis-to-disc mode.

xmpl3d01 A practical hemispherical deflection analyzer.

xmpl3d02 A practical cylindrical deflection analyzer, 127 degrees.

xmpl3d22 Practical cylindrical mirror analyzer (CMA).