Printing and copying pictures generated by the CPO programs.


One way to copy a picture to a Word document after it has been generated by a CPO program is:

(1) File/Copy graphics to clipboard.

(2) Open a Word document and then:

  Edit/Paste Special/Device Independent Bitmap.

(3) Use the Picture toolbar to

 (a) Crop (which might be necessary to remove unwanted boundary lines)

 (b) Format Picture/Size.

  1. Position picture on page by dragging.


Another way, often more suitable, is:

(1) File/Copy graphics to clipboard.

(2) Open Paint Shop Pro.

(3) Paste.

(4) Process and save.


To print a picture directly and with higher resolution, use Print graphics. This method can be rather slow –some patience might be needed because the progress of the data transfer is not shown.


To change the colours of the rays (CPO2D and CPO3D) or the electrodes (CPO3D only) use Palette.


See printing information for advice on printing from the Help pages or the Users Guide.