Setting up the segments.


This note deals with the screens that appear in the databuilder:


Sheet 1 of /databuilder/segments/, final number etc:

(1) The final number of segments.

(2) Reducing the final number of segments.

(3) The choice of inaccuracy for the charge calculation.


Sheet 2 of /databuilder/segments/, inscribing correction (3D only):

Inscribing correction.


Sheet 3 (CPO3D) or sheet 2 (CPO2D) of /databuilder/segments/, advanced options:

(1) How to choose the segment subdivisions.

(2) Option for iterative subdivision (and concentration of subdivisions).

(3) How to disallow iterative subdivision.

(4) How to disable the check for overlapping.

(5) The zero total charge option.

See also tests of nearness of segments.

See also general advice on segmentation.

And of course there is the option for users to use their own equations, in which the subdivision into segments is automatic.