Shap3d12.dat, 12th 'shape' file for CPO3D

A cylinder with an angled end formed from 'cylindrical triangles'


Superseded by shap3d39.


The end of the cylinder is cut at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the axis.

The cut end is simulated by 4 'cylindrical triangles' -that is, triangles on a cylindrical surface.

The desired cut end (defined by a plane at 45 degrees to the axis of the cylinder) is not a geodesic -that is, it is not the shortest distance between 2 points on the surface of the cylinder. On the other hand the edges of the 'cylindrical triangles' are always treated as geodesics. The cut end is therefore slightly 'wavy'.


The plate can be seen effectively by choosing the '3D display' option at the interactive stage, and using 'hidden lines' to improve the picture.