Shap3d14.dat, 14th ‘shape’ file for CPO3D

A circular hole surrounded by 6 others in a disc


The hexagonal symmetry option can be used with the present example:

Start using only the x = 0 reflection plane (not the y = 0 plane).

In databuilder\symmetries, select 'force hexapole symmetry'.

Delete the disc centred at (x,y) = (0.866,0.5).

Follow the prompts to increase the 'aspect ratio check' and to double the number of azimuthal segments of the third electrode (and also, unprompted, do the same for the first electrode).

Then when you look at the xy view you will see only one of the original 6 outer discs.

But when you call a contour plot you will see the contours for all the non-existent discs!

This can sometimes be a useful way of reducing the total number of segments.


This technique is also described in shap3d29.