Shap3d16.dat, 16th 'shape' file for CPO3D

A toroidal surface , with a program for generating the segments.

Superseded by shap3d33, which uses the option for users equations.


The program for generating the segments is included in the CPO3D package, see programs for toroidal surfaces and a torus.


The electrodes of this toroidal surface have been generated by the command

'torus2' after this data has been put in the file tempin.dat:

z = axis of rotation (put x, y, or z in the 1st space)

0.25 = a = cylindrical radius (see toroidal.f90)

1. = b = spherical radius

0. = axial coordinate of P, off-axis generating point (see toroidal.f90)

45. = angle (in degrees) between axis and vector from P to end 1

135. = angle (in degrees) between axis and vector from P to end 2

400 = total number (approximately) of triangular segments, before clipping

1 = number of the voltage applied to the toroid

1 = colour number

0 0 = number of symmetry planes that include the axis, total number of planes

24 = number of subdivs around axis -experiment with this

y ='y' if clipping wanted (then other lines follow), ='n' otherwise

2 =number of clipping conditions, =nc say (maximum 6)

min 1 1.01 0 0 1st clipping condition, remove if 1*x + 1.01*y + 0*z < 0

min -1 1.01 0 0 2nd clipping condition, remove if -1*x + 1.01*y + 0*z < 0

0.0001 ='allowed consistency error' used in main program


The contents of the output file 'tempout.dat' were then spliced into the

present data file.


The compiled exe file 'torus2' is supplied with the CPO3D package,

together with the original code in 'torus2.cpp'.