Shap3d25.dat, 24th 'shape' file for CPO3D

A spherical cap with a rectangular hole, and the program for generating it.

Superseeded by shap3d53, with users equations

 (although it might still be useful if the electrode is to be re-oriented)

The program for producing this data file is called prog25.f90.

See also prog25.f90.

To run the program simply type 'prog25' as a command line.

Before doing that, set up the data file that is read by prog25. This data file is called 'tempin.dat'.

At present it contains:

2.          ! =radius of sphere

0.5         ! =z of centre of bounding circle

1.5  0.5    ! =x,y of a corner of the rectangular hole

400         ! =approximate total number of subdivisions

1           ! =voltage number

y           ! the x=0 plane is a symmetry plane in the main CPO3D program (y/n)

y           ! the y=0 plane is a symmetry plane in the main CPO3D program (y/n)

A read-only version of this is saved as 'prog25.dat'.

It is assumed here that:

(1) the centre of the sphere is at the origin,

(2) the centre of the rectangular hole is on the z axis.

In general these assuptions are not correct and so the resulting object will have to be shifted and/or rotated, as explained below.

After setting up tempin.dat and running prog25, a set of electrode data can be found in 'tempout.dat'.

These data should be copied and then pasted into a primary data file for CPO3D.

The 'transform' option should then be used to shift and/or rotate the object.

Finally the data for the object can be copied and pasted into the primary data file that deals with the complete system.