Multiple crossing of planes.

In some studies the rays might cross a test plane several times. An option therefore exists for the crossing points to be sampled at the n’th crossing.


It is also possible to stop a ray at the n’th crossing.


For users who are editing or constructing an 'input data file' without the use of the data-builder -that is, pre-processor:

But Manual editing is certainly not recommended -it is a relic from the time when the databuilder was not available All users are strongly encouraged to use the databuilder, which always gives the correct formats and which has many options for which the formats are not described or easily deduced.


If you want one or more of the test planes to be crossed more than once before the crossing information is retained, then put an 'm' in the 6th space on the line that contains the number of test planes, for CPO2D, but in the 4th space for CPO3D, and when you enter the values of a, b, c and d for a test plane, add a further number -an integer that gives the required number of crossings.