Test3d16.dat, 16th 'test' file for CPO3D

User-supplied time-dependence potentials -sinusoidal motion of an electron in a sinusoidal electric field.


See also:

8th test, time-dependent oscillating potentials.

69th example -rectangular waveform for oscillating voltages.


This is identical to test3d08.dat, except that the sinusoidal voltage is calculated by the 'user-supplied' routine user3d.cpp, which is connected to the CPO3D program as the 'dynamic-linked library' user3d.dll

The user-supplied routine calls data from the file time3d.dat, which is:


1 0 0

0. -30. 1.E-6 0.

0. 0. 1.E-6 0.

= N = number of simultaneous time dependences (here 1)

3 numbers, giving type of time dependences (here 1 sine and 2 dummies)

N lines, giving parameters of voltage number 1 (v1,v2,tau,phi for sine)

N lines, giving parameters of voltage number 2 (v1,v2,tau,phi for sine)



Note that the initial time is read from the present data file, not from time2d.dat.


Note that user3d.cpp was written before line-section time dependence was introduced as an option (and has not yet been updated to include this).