Associated programs for cathode simulations


Some of the programs used by the authors of CPO for miscellaneous pre- and post- analysis of cathode data are included here in case they might be helpful for other users. For the complete list see programs.


They are written in either C++ or Fortran, but commercial translating programs can be used to convert from either one of these to the other.


These programs are included only as a possible aid for users, and we accept no responsibility for the clarity, correctness or efficiency of the programs or the information in them or from them, and we are unable to offer any help in modifying the programs.


Compiled versions are supplied for some of the programs. These are activated by the command ‘prog*’. In some cases it is necessary start by putting the input information (as explained in the relevant note) into the file ‘tempin.dat’ in the same directory -then the output data will be put into the file ‘tempres.dat’. We hope to add compiled versions of the other programs later. (The compiled exe files have been compiled in Salfor debug mode and so can be debugged using sdbg prog*.)



beamsize Programs to use the data in a ray output file to calculate the beam size.

Instruction on re-compiling a C++ user supplied routine.

Program 10: Program for producing trajectories that are distributed according to the Lambert cosine law.

Program 17: Program for setting up photocathode trajectories

Program 20: Program useful when final energies are much higher than initial energies