Section 2.1 of the User's Guide for CPO2D and CPO3D

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Using the package data files.


A new simulation is set up by selecting a copy of the 'test' or 'example' file that is nearest to the new simulation, and then using the data-builder to modify it. There are many such files, and the user is very likely to find that at least one of them represents a simulation that is similar to the new one. The 'test' and 'example' files also contain detailed information about particular types of simulations: their titles are listed in chapter 6.


Alternatively a new simulation can be set up by selecting one of the default files, default2.dat or default3.dat. These contain typical default parameters for the parameters, and so are suitable as templates for a new simulation.


The test, example and default files are intended as read-in files, and the program does not allow them to be edited or modified, but copies of all of them are supplied with the package. In the titles of the copies the letter 'd' is replaced by 'r', so that for example 'test2d01.dat' becomes 'test2r01.dat'.


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