Disabling closeness or nearness tests.



Tests are carried out automatically in CPO2D and CPO3D to check that the electrodes or segments do not cross, overlap or coincide with each other and are not too close.


There are two separate tests:

(1) to check that segments do not coincide or overlap or are too close.

(2) to check that small segments are not close to much larger segments.


These tests can be disabled or modified, but this is USUALLY VERY UNWISE.


There is a box for disabling the tests in /databuilder/segments/advanced options/.

There is also a way to modify the severity of the overlapping test, on the same screen, for example by making the 'factor' for the tests very small.

The warning notices themselves can be removed by using the lowest printing level for the segments.


If these test are disabled at any time, they should be re-enabled again later.


The test should never be disabled for accurate simulations, unless

(1) the segments that fail the test are in unimportant regions and at the same time

(2) a separate simulation has established that the segments in the critical regions all pass the test.