Shap3d38.dat, 38th 'shape' file for CPO3D

Cylinder cut at an angle, by users equation.


For information on the option for users equations, see users equations.


Supersedes shap3d11, shap3d12 and shap3d26.


The end of the cylinder is cut at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the axis.

The factor 'a' is the sine of the required angle.

The equation for z ensures that the end face is flat.

In principle factor f should run from 1 to 0 to give a full surface, but the parser routine fails at f = 0, and in any case the triangles in that region become very thin.


Warning: It has been necessary to disable the usual check for the thinness of triangles, by entering the maximum ratio of length to breadth (in databuilder/printing error and checks/allowed reading..../) as -30, which the program converts to +30).


The equations, as they appear in the data file, are:

f 0 1 name of variable number 1 and its limits

phi 0 3.1415 name of variable number 2 and its limits

r 1 name of parameter number 1 and its fixed value

a 0.7071 name of parameter number 2 and its fixed value

b 1 name of parameter number 3 and its fixed value

0 name of parameter number 4 and its fixed value




1 1 numbers of 2 applied voltages (can be same)

10 10 numbers of subdivisions of variables 1 and 2

(The program has corrected the less accurate value that was entered for pi.)