Creating a hole in an electrode


This note deals with all the available ways of creating holes in electrodes.


To create a hole in a CPO2D electrode simply use a gap. The hole will of course have the symmetry of CPO2D -axial or planar.


Remember that in CPO2D and CPO3D a ray can pass through an electrode.


Now we deal with creating holes in CPO3D.


A disc can of course have a circular hole at its centre.


The following files deal with specific types of holes, but have almost all been superceeded by those in which the users equations have been used, see below:


test3d13 Field at a circular hole in an infinite sheet

xmpl3d31 Penetration of potential through a circular hole in a flat sheet.

shap3d03 An elliptical hole in an elliptical disc.

shap3d10 A thick flat plate with a rectangular hole in it.

shap3d13 3 circular holes symmetrically positioned in a disc.

shap3d14 A circular hole at the centre of a disc, surrounded by 6 others.

shap3d19 A grid of 289 holes.

shap3d21 A rectangular plate with a rectangular slot.

shap3d22 A rectangular plate with a circular hole.

shap3d23 An array of round holes.

shap3d24 A rectangular slot in a spherical cap.


A hole can be created by removing selected segments from a complete electrode. Start by running the complete electrode. Then extract the segment data from the binary file. Then inspect the file that has the extracted data, result.dat, and manually remove the required segments. Finally paste this edited result.dat into a primary data file.

The holes created in this way might not have the exact shape that you want and so it might be necessary to add further small segments to fill in some corners.

Holes obtained by the powerful users equations option:

shap3d37 Elliptical hole in circular electrode, by users equations.

shap3d39 Square hole in round disc, by users equations.

shap3d40 Round hole in a square disc, by users equations.

shap3d42 A small hole in a circular disc, by users equations.

shap3d47 Square hole in a sphere, by users equations.

shap3d49 5 holes in circular disc, by users equations.

shap3d50 5 holes in disc, details, by users equations.

shap3d51 5 holes in square plate, by users equations.

shap3d52 Rectangular hole in rectangular plate, by users equations.