Free (not time limited) 32 bit version

This download includes CPO3D (32 bit), CPO2D (32 bit), users guide, on-line help and nearly 200 benchmark and example data files. The free version has a limitation of 1500 segments for CPO2D and 3000 for CPO3D.

Please note that the free version does not include the following advanced features. If you need these options, you can download a 15-day evaluation of the 64-bit version before deciding whether to purchase the full 64-bit edition of the CPO software:

  • Large numbers of segments
  • Scattering
  • User cathode
  • Dielectric
  • Field import

Free time limited (15 day) evaluation version

This download includes CPO3DS (64 bit), CPO2DS (32 bit), users guide, on-line help and nearly 200 benchmark and example data files. The maximum number of segments is 5000 for CPO2DS and 12000 for CPO3DS. This is more than enough segments for any problem. If you are near this number of segments then you are probably not taking advantage of the Boundary Element Method and could easily improve calculation times by reworking your problem.

We no longer offer a 32 bit build of CPO3DS due to the memory limitations of 32 bit processes. If you require a 32 bit build for a licenced edition, please contact us. Alternatively, the free edition may be sufficient as it is only 32 bit.


Anti-virus: Windows Defender can sometimes incorrectly flag these files as dangerous. If you would like to satisfy yourself that the file is safe please use VirusTotal to scan the download URL (right click the download link below and select Copy link address to get the full URL). VirusTotal runs checks against all of the latest virus definitions across all the major Anti Virus vendors.

Download free 32 bit version Download Evaluation (64 bit CPU required)