User's Guide for all versions of CPO

-that is, the User's Guide for CPO2D, CPO3D and the space-charge versions CPO2DS and CPO3DS, which is also contained in the Word 6 file 'guide.doc'

This is the traditional 'hard copy' Users Guide, giving a concise account of the main features.

This traditional form is preserved here because it is useful for new users, but please note that all the contents of it can also be found in the general Help, usually in a more detailed form.  There is therefore some repetition of material.


Chapter 1. The Boundary Element Method

 1.1 Introduction

 1.2 Outline of the BEM

 1.3 Basic segments

 1.4 Technique used to obtain the surface charges

 1.5 Comparison with other methods

Chapter 2. Setting up a simulation

 2.1 Using the package data files

 2.2 Input and output files

 2.3 Electrodes and segments

 2.4 Planes of symmetry

 2.5 Units

 2.6 Accuracy of field evaluations

 2.7 Magnetic fields

 2.8 Specifying the initial ray conditions

 2.9 Ray tracing (that is, ray integration)

 2.10 Accuracy of ray tracing

 2.11 Space-charge calculations

 2.12 Thermionic cathodes

 2.13 Field-emission and extended Schottky emission cathodes

Chapter 3. Obtaining the best accuracy

 3.1 Strategy to follow if a study has been started

 3.2 Recommended strategy

 3.3 Extrapolating to infinity

 3.4 Choosing the subdivision numbers

 3.5 Further advice on extrapolating to infinity

Chapter 4. Troubleshooting

Chapter 5. Installing, starting and running the CPO programs

 5.1 Installing the programs

 5.2 The data-builder

 5.3 Running the CPO programs

Chapter 6. The 'test' and 'example' data files